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Product application

2019-04-10 17:00:06 Haining TAIERXIN New Materials Co.,LTD Read

Conductive fabrics made of conductive fibers have excellent functions of conducting electricity, conducting heat, shielding and absorbing electromagnetic waves, and are widely used in conductive network and conductive work clothes in the electronic and power industries; electrothermal clothing, electrothermal surface, electrothermal bandages in the medical industry; electromagnetic shielding covers in the aviation, aerospace and precision electronics industries, etc. Conductive fibers can be used in anti-static textiles, anti-electromagnetic radiation textiles, intelligent textiles and military textiles.

1. Antistatic textiles

Conductive fibers are functional fibers based on the mechanism of electronic conduction, which eliminate static electricity through electronic conduction and corona discharge. Because the fibers contain free electrons, their antistatic properties are not humidity-dependent; the charge half-life of conductive fibers is short, and static electricity can be eliminated in a very short time under any circumstances. Using conductive fibers to prevent the generation and harm of static electricity has a wide range of environmental adaptability. According to the conductivity of conductive fibers and the structure of fabric, the antistatic effect can be achieved by mixing 0.05%-5% conductive fibers into ordinary fibers. The work clothes with antistatic effect made of conductive fibers are suitable for oil field, petroleum processing, coal mine, electronics industry, photosensitive material industry and other flammable and explosive occasions, as well as for dust-free aseptic clothes or special filter materials.

Antistatic property meets the standard of imported similar products

Persistent and stable conductivity

High strength, not easy to break, use with ordinary polyester no difference

The world's leading production equipment, stable quality

Large-scale production reduces production costs


In ordinary civilian garments, especially chemical fibre garments which are easy to generate static electricity, adding a small amount of SUPPRAM conductive fibers can reduce dust collection, eliminate static entanglement and improve the comfort of garments.

High-grade antistatic and dust-proof uniforms and suits

Chemical fibre skirts and trousers

Antistatic cashmere sweater

Antistatic worsted fabric

Conductive silk, warp knitted glove cloth

Anti-static yarn card and thread card

Anti-static filter felt

Antistatic yarn


Resistance: Black 10 7th Ohm/CM

Filament: black 20D/4F, composite yarn 50D, 70D, 95D