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    SJ-2102 High-efficiency scouring agent

    Detailed information

    SJ-2102 High-efficiency scouring agent

    Main ingredients: Surfactant compound

    Technical indicators

    Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid

    PH (1% aqueous solution): 3.0-6.0

    Ionic: Yin / Non

    Solubility: is easily soluble in water

    Performance and characteristics

    1: Excellent wetting, emulsifying, dispersing ability and low foam.

    2: Has good alkali resistance stability, and still has good stability in 180g / L sodium hydroxide aqueous solution.

    3: It is suitable for the long-distance pre-treatment of cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics, especially suitable for the cold rolling stack process.

    4: It can be used in normal dosage.

    Scope of application

    Is mainly used for continuous steaming pretreatment of cotton, linen and its blended fabrics or cross fabrics.


    1: Open-ended practice Dosage 2-5g / L

    2: Rope-like scouring method dosage 2-4g / L

        3: alkaline oxygen-bath method

    A) Cold rolling reactor process Amount of 3-5g / L

    B) Steaming process Amount of 3-4g / L

            c) Continuous bleaching process: 0.5-2g / L

        4: Sodium hypochlorite bleaching amount 0.5-2g / L

        The specific process, please adjust as appropriate after passing the sample

    Packaging and storage

    125kg, 50kg plastic drum, sealed storage, storage period is 6 months at room temperature