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    SJ-386 Efficient softener

    Detailed information

    SJ-386 efficient softener

    Product Manual

    One: The main components:

    Hydrazone, hydroxypolysiloxane


    2: Technical guidance:

    1: Appearance: Transparent or translucent emulsion

    2: Ionic type: Weak cation

    3: Stability: Centrifuge 3000 rpm, no oil drift for 30 minutes, no stratification


    Three: Uses and characteristics:

    In addition to the general properties of hydroxy-emulsion silicone oil, YSJ-386 has strong affinity for synthetic, natural, artificial fibers and their blended fabrics because it contains amino-active genes and can cross-link itself with fabrics. Not only endow the fabric with long-lasting, washable softness, smoothness, elasticity and other styles, but also make the fabric have a comfortable and plump feel, good air permeability and wrinkle recovery performance.


    Four: How to use:

    YSJ-386 is used for finishing of fabrics, which can be carried out according to conventional processes. For example: one dipping, one rolling or two dipping two rolling (after pre-baking at 60 ° C), baking at 130-180 ° C for 30 seconds. The dosage is 10-20g / L, which can also be determined according to different fabrics and customer requirements.


    Five: Packaging, storage and transportation:

    This product is packaged in plastic barrels and stored at room temperature for more than six months, but should not be frozen, exposed to the sun or mixed with other unrelated substances, so as not to affect the storage period. Can be transported as non-dangerous goods.