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    SJ-1 Degreasing agent for leather and fur

    Detailed information

    I. Overview:

    SJ-1 is specially developed by us and the Provincial Silk Research Institute for the degreasing process of leather and fur

    Developed special additives, it has the following functions.

    1: Remove grease and promote decomposition of grease.

    2: It helps to loosen the fibrils of leather, eliminate dermatoglyphs, and improve the rate of leather.

    3: Make dyeing even, increase dye absorption, and improve the quality of leather and suede.

    4: Increase the gloss and whiteness of the fur and improve the product grade.

    5: Increase the tear strength and tensile strength of leather.

    Two: physical and chemical properties:

    1: Appearance: colorless viscous liquid. |

    2: PH value: 7-8

    3: Composition: Special degreasing agent and strong penetrating agent.

    4: Ionic type: Nonionic type (with weak anions) type.

    5: Water solubility: can be miscible with water.

    Three: Application:

    SJ-1 can be widely used in the degreasing process of all leather and fur, and it can also be strong with liquid alkali

    Alkali use, please specifically adjust according to the situation

    Production unit: Haining Taierxin New Material Co., Ltd.

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