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    SJ-101 Defoamer

    Detailed information

    Technical index:

        Appearance Translucent and semi-flowing paste

        Viscosity 1000 ~ 1500CPS

        PH value 7.0 ~ 8.0

        Solubility, easily soluble in water

    Main ingredients:

        Special silicone emulsion

    Performance and characteristics:

        This product is a silicone antifoam agent specially designed for high temperature water phase system.

      1: The product has low viscosity and fast dispersion.

      2: It is especially suitable for defoaming and defoaming of non-ionic and anionic systems, and can be used in a wide temperature and PH range.

      3: Fast defoaming speed and good durability.

      4: The higher the temperature, the more the antifoaming and antifoaming ability can be reflected.


         SJ-101 has a wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of water-based industrial production processes

      1: High temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing and other printing and dyeing processes in the textile industry.

      2: In the production of adhesives and viscose.

      3: Chemical and petroleum production and processing (water-based), etc.


    1: SJ-101 is an excellent defoamer in addition to being a highly effective defoamer. It is recommended to add SJ-101 to the unfoamed solution first to prevent foaming, the general dosage is 20 ~ 200ppm

    2: The final dosage will be related to factors such as temperature, degree of foaming, chemical characteristics, stirring, etc., and can be adjusted to the most economical and effective dosage according to actual needs.

    3: It is recommended that users use 10% stock solution, 3% thickener (polyacrylic acid) to dilute, first adjust specific viscosity with 3% thickener and water, then add SJ-101.

    4: SJ-101 is not resistant to high alkali

    Packaging and storage:

        50 kg or 120 kg plastic drums, sealed and stored at room temperature for 12 months or more.

    Production unit: Haining Taierxin New Material Co., Ltd.

    Address: No. 74, Anjiang Road, Jianshan New District, Haining City Fax: 0573-87830785