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    SJ-800 High Temperature Levelling Agent

    Detailed information

    SJ-800 High Temperature Levelling Agent


    SJ-800 high temperature levelling agent is the latest salt and high temperature leveling agent developed by us. It is based on special alcohol ether and its sulfonate.


    One: technical indicators:

    1: Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid

    2: PH value: 6-7 (1% aqueous solution)

    3: Ionic: Yin / Non-ion

    4: Foaming power: 50 or less

    5: Cloud point:> 100 ° C (1% aqueous solution)

    6: Solubility: Easily soluble in water


    Two: Product Features:

    1: Excellent dye dispersibility, initial slow dyeing performance and remarkable leveling performance.

    2: Excellent simultaneous dyeing performance, with uniform dyeing up with temperature.

    3: The foaming power of the prepared working fluid is low, which can prevent stains and flowers caused by multiple bubbles during the fabric / yarn running process.

    4: Prevent secondary aggregation of dyes and staining of dyes.

    5: Strong adaptability to various dyes, dyeing machines and fabrics / yarns.


    Three: application range, method:

    1: Dyes: mainly used for disperse dyes and other anionic dyes.

    2: Fabrics: various polyester fabrics (cloth, skein, bobbin, etc.).

    3: Equipment: High-temperature dyeing equipment such as J-type or O-type overflow dyeing machines,

    4: Dosage: The dosage of this high-temperature levelling agent is generally 0.5-2.0G / L, and it should be adjusted according to the bath ratio and fabric / yarn depth.


    Four: Packaging, storage and transportation:

    1: Packaging: 50-125kg plastic drum

    2: Storage and transportation: Store at room temperature for one year without deterioration. Do not expose to the sun and the cold.