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    SJ-107 Anti-wrinkle softener (Yuzhongbao)

    Detailed information

    ACA CONC. Is an anti-wrinkle lubricant, to avoid the rope marks, wrinkles and scratches generated during the wet process.


      1: Used for pre-treatment of fabric, in dye bath and post-treatment

      2: Eliminate stains and wrinkles

      3: No inhibition

      4: Does not produce bad smell during the drying process

      5: Including jet dyeing machine, suitable for all types of equipment

      6: Higher equipment installation rate at low bath ratio

      7: The washing-dyeing-bath process can be applied to pure polyester


      1 To avoid the friction between fiber and fiber, fiber and metal, there will be cable marks, wrinkles and scratches

      2: Promote the opening of the fabric from rope and fold

      3: Used as a high-performance emulsifier to emulsify residual oil stains, waxes and grease on the fabric to prevent such impurities from polluting the fabric

      4: ACA CONC has excellent stability to lye and high concentration electrolyte, and can be used as cellulose fiber, cellulose fiber

    Ideal additives for Uygur and its blended fabrics

      5: ACA CONC is an efficient washing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes due to its excellent emulsification and dirt suspension properties

      6: ACA CONC improves the elastic fiber and its blended textile because it does not contain a solvent that has an adverse effect on the elastic fiber

    Easy degreasing performance


      Cellulose fiber anti-crease agent

     One: winch dyeing machine

      1: Stitch both ends of the tubular knitted fabric to ensure that the rope-like fabric remains continuous during the operation

      2: Only fabrics of the same diameter can be sewn into rope

      3: The length of each rope should be the same, ensure the same time in the cycle, reduce the knotting rate, and reduce the color difference between batches

      4: Adjust the length of the rope to ensure that the cycle time does not exceed 2min, the best time is 60-90sec

    5: Avoid staining defects on the fabric surface caused by friction when the tubular fabric is turned inside and outside before scouring and dyeing

      6: Add ACA CONC 0.3∽0.5g / L to the hot simmering bath, dyeing bath and boiling washing bath

    Two: overflow dyeing machine

      1: Same as above, 1∽3

    Packing 50-125kg plastic drum

    Production unit: Haining Taierxin New Material Co., Ltd.

    Address: No. 74 Anjiang Road, Jianshan New District, Haining City Fax: 0573-87830785