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    SJ-718 smoothing brightener

    Detailed information

    SJ-718 smoothing brightener

    Technical indicators:

    Appearance: milky white liquid

    QPH value: Q5-6 (1% aqueous solution)

    Composition: Super polymer polysiloxane

    Ionicity: Weak cation


    Product Features:

    This product is an ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane emulsion, specially developed for the processing of various textile fibers and finished products. It can give almost all materials a special smooth feel and unexpected gloss effects. It can obviously improve the slip and gloss of silicone emulsion.



    Used for all kinds of nylon, nylon and other fabrics, especially for super soft, spinning super soft bread silk, etc., will bring unexpected slip and gloss to the fabric.


    Packaging and storage:

    包装 Packed in 50-125kg plastic drums, stored in normal temperature and dry place, the storage period is 6 months.