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    SJ-410 waterproof agent

    Detailed information

    Technical index:

    Appearance White emulsion

    Ionic weak cation

    PH value 4-6 (1% water solubility)

    Solubility can be dispersed in water at any ratio

    Product Features

    1: With excellent waterproof and oil-proof functions

    2: Washable, durable functional finishing agent

    3: Has good processing stability

    4: Excellent continuous processing performance

    5: Little influence on dyeing fastness and shade

    Scope of application

    Applicable to polyester, nylon, synthetic fibers such as nylon, cotton, polyester / cotton and other natural fibers and their blends,

    Waterproof finishing of polyester / viscose blended fabric

    Packaging and storage

    50-125kg plastic drum, store in a cool and dry place

    Production unit: Haining Taierxin New Material Co., Ltd.

    Address: No. 74, Anjiang Road, Jianshan New District, Haining City Fax: 0573-87830785