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    SJ-901 chelating dispersant

    Detailed information

    SJ-901 chelating dispersant

    Technical indicators:

    Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

    Main ingredients: Polymer copolymer

    Ionicity: anion

    QPH value: Q6-8 (1% aqueous solution)


    Performance characteristics:

    1: It has excellent dispersing and suspending effects, preventing the staining of equipment and fabrics. The use of dyeing can make the fabrics uniform and bright.

    2: Has good complexing ability.

    3: Has a strong scale inhibition, scale function.

    4: Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents.

    5: Good compatibility with general additives for pretreatment and dyeing.

    6: No foam, does not affect dyeing shade and fabric whiteness.


    Scope of application:

    This product is mainly suitable for various dyeing, washing after printing, polyester fabric refining and alkali reduction, cotton and its blended fabric refining and bleaching, viscose fiber fabric desizing and desulfurization.


    Packaging and storage:

    包装 Packed in 50-125kg plastic drums, stored in a cool and dry place.