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    SJ-607 Superfine Fiber Fluffing Agent

    Detailed information

    SJ-607 Superfine Fiber Fluffing Agent



    SJ-607 is a high-efficiency fluffing agent specially developed by our factory for ultra-fine fibers. It has the effect of 306 fluffing agent, and it will never bleed. It is a fairly advanced fluffing finishing agent.


    1: Appearance: Milky white emulsion

    2: Composition: Special polymer organic matter

    3: Ionic: Non-ionic

    4: PH value: 6-8

    5: Storage stability: 6 months (25 ° C)

    6: Specific gravity (25 ° C); 0.99


    1: Excellent raising effect, making the fabric have good softness, smoothness and richness.

    2: No slipping, scorching or hair breaking occurs during processing.

    3: Good compatibility with other additives.

    4: Low yellowing, giving the fabric a shiny feel.

    5: Good dilutability.


    It is used for all polyester fiber brushing and finishing, especially for superfine fiber brushing. It has no oil bleaching, and the fiber is easy to repair. It can be directly returned to the cylinder.

    Packaging and storage

    It is packed in plastic barrels and stored in a ventilated and dry place at room temperature. The storage period is 6 months.