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    SJ-8101 High-efficiency degreasing agent

    Detailed information

    SJ-8101 High-efficiency degreasing agent

    1: Overview:

    YSJ-8101 is a more advanced and efficient one-bath degreasing and finishing agent recently developed by our factory. This product does not contain non-environmental substances such as APEO, and is suitable for the same bath dyeing process of polyester and blended fabrics.


    Two: technical indicators:

    Appearance: Thick transparent liquid

    Ionicity: yin is nonionic

    Content: 20% -40%

    QPH value: Q (1% aqueous solution) 6-8

    Main ingredients: special surfactant compound


    Three: Performance characteristics:

    1: Dispersion, emulsification, wetting, good permeability, low foam and strong detergency.

    2: In the near-neutral and weakly acidic bath, it not only has special effects on removing heavy oily dirt, but also has desizing, whitening, preventing dye aggregation, and ensuring uniform dyeing. It is a finishing aid for polyester and its blended fabrics in the same bath.

    3: Pretreatment process for removing alkali-resistant silk and oil stains on wool fabrics, the effect is obvious, and the fibers are not damaged.


    Four: Product use:

    General use is 2-3kg%, the specific technology please adjust as appropriate after passing the sample.


    Five: Environmental information:

    Degradability: easy to degrade. The surfactant contained in this product meets the requirements of biodegradation, and the degradability rate in the human body is greater than 90%.


    Six: Packaging and storage:

    包装 Packed in plastic barrels, sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place. The storage period is 12 months at room temperature.